Making a Difference

Everyone has goals in life. I have goals. I also have a motto. Cheesy I know but i believe that having a motto- or one ultimate goal- helps you to stay focused in life, it helps you to see the bigger picture more clearly. Life can be messy. It is a big tangle of emotion, experiences, failures and achievements and, living day by day, it is easy to get lost in the labyrinth that is life. So, how do we keep a clear mind? Well, I’ll tell you how i do it.

My life motto is as follows: Be a light to those stuck in darkness. Make a difference. See, I warned you it was cheesy. However, cheesy as it may be, i believe that keeping this in the back of my mind acts as a guide through life. Not only does it keep me focused, it also keeps me honest. I love helping people and as a future clinical psychologist, i strive to make a difference to peoples lives, however seemingly insignificant.

I know what it is like be stuck in a small dark place with no hope. Since being a teenager, I’ve battled with depression and anxiety, with the peak hitting in 2013. I felt completely alone in my depression and i had to drag myself out of the deep pit and into wellness. It was a solitary journey that i would not wish on anyone and so every choice I’ve made since then, and will continue to make, is to ensure that others don’t have to suffer alone as I did.

So when i’m stuck in life, I think of what i can do to make a difference to others and it never fails to help me back on the track, whether it be volunteer work, doing a charity run or helping a friend.