Time For a Change

The Beginning of Change
A beautiful day out with beautiful people; my friends, my second family.

Recently I’ve been thinking about life; who I am, who I have there for me, who those around me really are. Whilst I love my friends and my family I realise that things need to change.  I look around me, surrounded by the people I love but feeling utterly alone. I am a lightening rod absorbing the negativity and soaking up the tears that my friends and family cry, their unqualified, unofficial, therapist. I offer up myself, my energy, my everything so they can breathe a little easier and all the while i am suffocating… But where is my lightening rod? Where is my unofficial therapist? 

So yes, things must change. I don’t know yet what that change will be, or what it will mean, but I know it will be hard and I know it will be worth it. We cannot grow without change. I cannot grow.